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Curlew Collective
Noosack & Lummi Nation land
so-called "Bellingham, WA"

If you’re booking for one of my guest spots, please fill out the appropriate form below.

…only accepting vaccinated clients at this time…

*Keep in mind my appointment minimum is $170.




Please cite the desired Flash design by listing which page and number.   *If you are pitching a custom project please put N/A here.

Illustration2 2_edited_edited.png


Add-ons are lil' discounted flash that can be added on to an appointment. These designs are small, and can be great gap fillers, etc. ($50-130 ea.) 


In a couple of sentences please describe what you are looking for. Please scroll through my flash or instagram portfolio to get a general sense of what and how I tattoo...if there is an adaptation of a tattoo/flash series I have previously done that you are excited about please include that in your description.

Please keep in mind I only take on custom pieces that genuinely excite me/fit my style. *If you are booking flash write N/A here..


Where on your body and how big would you like it?

*prioritizing leg and arm placements *other areas will be considered on a case by case basis  *no ribs at this time .


Determine where you fall on the sliding scale according to your access to resources and privilege, for help refer to the Green Bottle Method. 

*Reminder the price estimate below each flash page is Tier 2.


Tier 1: (top scale to pay for the tattoo and allow others access) 

 “I am white, I have access to savings and expendable income, I am able to meet all my basic needs, I collect tattoos, etc.”

Tier 2: (middle scale to pay for the tattoo) 

“I am white, I have some debt, but it doesn’t prevent me from buying things, I am able to meet most of my basic needs, etc.”

Tier 3: (bottom scale, requesting to be held by community)

”I have debt, I can’t afford to take time off from work, I don’t have access to savings, etc.” 

Black/Brown/Indigenous/a POC:

Tier 3 and an option for a FREE tattoo

*City tax (8.9%) will be added to your quote before the appointment

*If you have a very specific budget in mind, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate. *Sometimes that looks like editing the size and the design. 


Please check the days and times that work for you. I will do my best to accommodate. I usually book about a month to a month and a half in advance. (*these days/times do NOT correspond to the current week)

Check all days and times that work for you:


Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like to share.

Thanks so much!I look forward to working with you. Look for a response from me in the 5-10days after submitting a request. (*check the 'spam' folder too!)

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