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Hi and thank you for being here!


I'm Erin (they/them), a white, non-binary artist living on unceded Nooksack and Lummi Nation land.  I tattoo out of a private studio in so-called 'Bellingham, WA' with my friends and fellow artists. We call ourselves, Curlew Collective

I've been dabbling in the tattooing medium for the past few years.  As a self/community taught queer tattooer, I believe in the transformative power that tattoos can bring, healing our bodies through self-expression and curation.

My tattoos can be described as nostalgic, dot-work botanical, and 'capturing the ordinary'.  Much of my work is inspired by my surroundings, playing in the dirt and observing the seasons' change. I really love incorporating textures and repetitive mark making in my designs-a style often confused with 'hand-poking', but I've been working with a machine for the past two years.  

I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with you, to collaborate and share space. Consent is at the heart of my practice; your needs are valued and celebrated!

Thank you for being part of this journey with me!  

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I promise not to spam your inbox!

I'm looking to move away from Instagram, as it no longer provides a sustainable connection to interested clientele.

My newsletter will give you a first look at flash and fun projects that I'm excited about! as well as booking updates and guest spots. 

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106 Prospect St.

"Bellingham, WA"


Appointment Only

wheel-chair access

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